How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?
Laser tattoo removal procedure. Salon equipment

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

At Think B4 You Ink, we specialise in laser tattoo removal. However big or small your tattoos are, and whatever coloured inks you have on your skin, whether you need the removal of a multi-coloured tattoo or tattoo sleeve removal, we are sure to be able to tackle your tattoo. Today we are going to focus on the process of laser tattoo removal and how it actually works.

The Science of Laser Tattoo Removal

Old tattoos fade over time naturally, as the body’s immune system recognizes tattoo ink as something to remove. This is why working with laser removal is actually easier for older tattoos. Laser tattoo removal works by shattering the ink into even smaller particles, which can be flushed away faster. The ink is deposited at various depths within the deepest layer of the skin when tattoos are applied. The removal process first targets the shallowest layers of ink, which is why it takes multiple treatments to penetrate through the whole tattoo. For this reason, dark, bold tattoos will need more treatment sessions than tattoos with a lower density of ink.

Multi-Coloured Laser Tattoo Removal

The high-intensity light beam targets the ink and breaks up the pigment colours, with certain colours being easier to eradicate than other. As black absorbs all laser wavelengths, this is the quickest colour to go. As other colours can only be removed by some wavelengths, this will impact on the number of treatment sessions you will need in order to obtain your desired results. This number will depend on the age, size, and colour(s) of the tattoo, as well as your skin tone and the depth of the tattoo pigment.

What to Expect from Laser Tattoo Removal

Due to the use of the laser, you will be given a pair of eye shields for protection. You should also expect to have a patch test on your skin to determine your suitability for the service, and the reaction will help your technician decide on the most effective energy for you. The laser will pass pulses of intense light through the top layers of your skin, which the tattoo pigment absorbs. After each visit to our clinic, you should notice that it becomes less and less visible. Although uncomfortable, the removal process is not considered painful and does not warrant anaesthesia.

Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare

In order to get the best results, the aftercare process is an important step. Following the treatment, you can use an ice pack to soothe the area. Antibiotic cream or ointment and a bandage should protect it from any infections. Furthermore, you should avoid exposure to the sun, and cover your skin with sunblock if outside. Other methods, such as excision or dermabrasion are not as effective as this as there are very few side effects. Due to the lasers that we use, the ink is targeted in a way that minimises the risk of damaging other areas of the skin, so if you follow the correct aftercare guidance, you will lower any risk of infection and scarring.

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