What Is Laser Tattoo Removal?

What Is Laser Tattoo Removal?

At Think B4 You Ink, we are experts in laser tattoo removal. However big or small your tattoos are, and whatever colours you have on your skin, we are sure to be able to tackle your tattoo. Read on to find out more about laser removal for different tattoo sizes, and what to expect for the removal of different colours.


Laser Removal Sizes


It may go without saying that smaller tattoos are easier to remove than larger ones, as the laser works slowly over the surface of your skin and will usually require multiple session to remove to the desired level, though it is possible to get cover-up tattoos once your skin has fully healed from the removal process. We typically recommend at least four sessions as your body will work gradually to flush out the pigment from your skin, and your skin needs time to heal between each session (around four to six weeks). We can also remove sleeve tattoos, including half sleeves and full sleeves, including just part of a sleeve. This process requires patience, and can cost almost as much as getting a tattoo, though perhaps a little less painful. Due to the size, laser tattoo sleeve removal will require a number of sessions for full removal. You will notice the tattoo gradually fades over time. How long it takes will depend on the nature of your skin, how old the tattoo is (with older tattoos actually easier to remove than fresh ones), and the colours used.


Laser Tattoo Colours


Even small tattoos may take more than one session to remove if there are multiple colours other than black in it. As black is the easiest tattoo ink to remove, on the opposite side of the spectrum, white ink is the most difficult. As white ink reflects every wavelength, multiple wavelengths are needed to target the white pigment.  This simply means that white ink tattoo removal takes much long as the laser technician needs to target the right area without damaging the skin. As well as white ink, other trickier colours include red, orange and yellow. On the other hand, inks such as green and blue are usually the easiest to remove. Overall, you can expect it to take at least two to four treatment sessions in order to gain a 75% clearance of coloured inks, as well as black ink.

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Located in Swindon, to discover more about our laser tattoo removal services and to find out the general prices, or to obtain a specific cost for your treatment, please get in touch through our online contact form, or email us at thinkb4youink@outlook.com. Alternatively, you can speak to a member of our team directly by calling us on 01793 602 450 or visiting us during business hours. A member of our team would be happy to help you with any questions you may have for us.

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