Tattoo Regrets don’t need to Last Forever, with our Laser Tattoo Removal Service

Laser tattoo removal

Tattoos are a beloved form of body modification for many reasons; significant portions of the population now have tattoos, and they are becoming more and more common. They are popular for the artwork one is able to adorn themselves with, for the creativity one is able to express with their tattoo, for the image one is able to convey to others – or, perhaps most notably, their permanence. When a tattoo decision you made in the past turns sour, however, or when the tattoo artist you trusted to do an outstanding job does not meet your expectations, the permanence can be a disheartening factor.

While tattoos are permanent, contrary to what people may think, they do not need to last forever. Our tattoo removal services here at Think B4 You Ink are there as a backup plan when your tattoo doesn’t go quite as expected. Today, we will be looking at our laser tattoo removal treatment, how it works, and who it is suitable for.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal uses lasers to remove tattoos. It does so by producing pulses of light energy, which are passed over the skin where the tattoo is placed. When the lasers hit the skin, they penetrate the skin’s surface and are absorbed by the tattoo ink underneath. When the ink absorbs the laser light energy, the fragments of ink pigmentation heat up and shatter into much smaller fragments. With repeated treatment over several weeks, the coloured pigment can eventually be broken down to the point you cannot see it, as the body begins to flush out the broken-down ink pigmentation. By the end of treatment, the tattoo will be gone.

Laser tattoo removal treatment is a relatively recently emerging practice and is extremely effective for the complete removal of unwanted tattoos. While alternatives may exist, laser removal remains one of the most effective on the market. Many clients opt for laser tattoo removal due to its non-invasive methods; excision and dermabrasion are alternative options, however these can be more painful and are more invasive, surgical-like procedures.

The benefits of our Laser Treatment at Think B4 You Ink

Traditionally, laser methods of tattoo removal rely on photo-thermal energy. This, while effective, can negatively impact the skin surrounding the tattoo. Here at Think B4 You Ink, we offer some of the best tattoo removal laser services, as our method leaves the surrounding skin unharmed. We are able to do this by utilising technology that allows us to target only the area with tattoo pigmentation, which is effective on both colour and black ink. See our Gallery for our recent work.

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